Strange trio

from an imaginary visit to Lucerne, 2010.

There was man in chainmail which came down to his knees, covered his arms, and covered his head like a faceless balaclava. Over the chainmail he wore a red tunic with the design of a black shield on the front. He was accompanied by two women. One of them was a vampire, who was exposing her animal-like fangs and pretending to bite through the flesh of his neck. She wore a crushed red velvet dress with a high collar. The other woman wore a pink dress and a pink and white feather boa. On her head was a wide yellow hat made from foam. Her hat bore symbols in black writing that I couldn’t recognize. She was pressing her hand against the vampire woman’s chest in an effort to keep her away from the man. At the same time she was leaning towards the man with her lips pursed as if attempting to kiss him. The women started to tussle with each other, which seemed to please the man. He grinned as they reached around him and began to grab at each other’s clothes. As the woman in the yellow foam hat began to scream at the vampire woman, the man took his life-size fake sword, raised it into the air with both hands, and shouted: “I command you in the name of the King to stop!”