Here is the first book for the Lucerne Project. Click on the image above to play a short slideshow. The book consists of eight pages, each 6.5 " high by 11" wide, in an accordion fold that opens out to be 89" wide. The method of making the book was as follows:
  • Trawl the internet for publicly-available photos of Lucerne that people have uploaded to the web.
  • Print out small jpegs.
  • Xerox the jpegs and enlarge by as much as 1000%.
  • Ink and print the xeroxes onto light grey printmaking paper.
  • Write a short phrase suggested by each image.
  • Edit the phrases slightly so that they connect to each other.
  • Print each phrase onto the corresponding print.
  • Glue the pages into one long strip, with the division between each page scored so that they can be folded up accordion-style.
Already I can see how this method might be a way of producing a narrative about people I've never met, in a place I've never been, while still retaining a poetic quality to the combination of image and text.


  1. Very interesting images. They exude a moody, clandestine feel that's totally opposite of how I remember Lucerne. Lucerene in my memory is very bright and clean, with the greenery of the lake and mountains a focal point.

  2. Hey, Fly girl, thanks for the comment. I would have replied earlier but I've been away from Chicago doing some teaching for a few weeks. When were you in Lucerne? Are you an artist too?


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